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Hi there! I’m Florise


Attention to detail, hard work, and kindness have been some of the most important values my strong Haitian mother passed on to me.

They served me well in my work as a Registered Nurse.

And, they shape how I interact with clients and staff as the owner and manager of the Spiffy Cleaning Crew.

Something else about my mother. 

In spite of having 5 rambunctious kids and needing to work to support our family, she kept a meticulous house. 

Nothing was out of place.

And, everything was sparkling clean.

When I think back on it, it seems unbelievable. 

As the oldest girl, she leaned heavily on me to help her and it’s where I learned how to truly remove dirt and grime, not just move it around.

I hope you’ll let my crew and I take away the stress of keeping your home, Airbnb unit, or rental property clean.


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