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Eco-friendly  Home Cleaning Services

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Weekly, Bi-weekly, & Monthly
Cleaning Services

Packed Moving Boxes

Move In/Move Out
Cleaning Services

Apartment Interior with Red Accents

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Vacumming the Mattress

Deep Cleaning Service

Enjoy a spic-and-span clean home with our regular cleaning service. The Spiffy Cleaning Crew keeps the dust bunnies at bay without you having to lift a finger. Plus, you save from 10% to 20%, depending how often we clean for you.

Why add to the stress of moving? Let the Spiffy Cleaning Crew scrub your place from top to bottom so it looks and smells sparkling clean. 

From yurts to castles and everything in between, the Spiffy Cleaning Crew’s turnkey cleaning service gets your Airbnb rental effortlessly ready for the next guest.

Whether you are preparing for or cleaning up after a special event, or just are tired of procrastinating about getting that “spring cleaning” done, let the Spiffy Cleaning Crew come to your rescue. Our team will scour and polish every nook and cranny.

6-Point Safety Checklist

We take the sanctity of your home seriously. Before we leave your home, we make sure that...

Windows are closed

Stove or oven are off

Faucets are off

Pets are safe

Alarm is set

Door is locked

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